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Anonymous asked: Are you guys mad that I haven't paid for your music?

Nah, as long as your digging it - West

Anonymous asked: have you guys had in n out yet

Not yet, I think we may have one tonight though! - West

knucklepuckle asked: i think it's crazy cool that you have such a chill vibe about meeting fans at shows! lots of band in the genre can be assholes about this kinda stuff. see you in sheffield!

Nah, fuck that. We like meeting people! - West

onecrazyriot asked: Im not asking anything, just wanna tell you all how stoked I am to see you again in Tampa!

Tampa’s gonna be a homecoming of sorts for us. Cannot wait! - West

ladixxpute asked: If I give you guys bracelets at warped is there any chance you would wear them or at least keep them?

Of course! - West

d4nce-in-the-r4in asked: Where will you guys be meeting fans after the walnut creek show?

Yes, we meet people at every show, before during and after. Just come up to us and say hi! - West

Anonymous asked: Hey so I wanted to see you guys in walnut creek, but there isn't any place for me to buy tickets. Also, a lot of people said it's sold out. Will there be people selling tickets in front? Cuz I really want to see you guys.

Sold out I’m afraid :( - West

lastchancegiven asked: What did you guys think of the St Louis show?

Tight butthole - West

Anonymous asked: What kind of product does west use in his hair lol. Mans got a nice cut.

Black and white pomade. Hair dry in the morning and keep combing all day - West

googston asked: West,what's your favourite tunes your digging atm?

Knuckle pucks side of the split - West